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Count on Quality, Delivery
and Customer Service

Glen Magnetics manufacturing facility occupies 32,000 square feet in a modernized historic building in Alpha, New Jersey, USA, where we design and manufacture custom transformers and inductors for large production orders to small R&D orders.

Each product is designed, built and 100% computer tested in our New Jersey plant. All of the steel and wire used in our products is sourced in the United States. Less than 10% of our total material comes from outside the USA.

Glen Magnetics is proud of the quality we consistently deliver; customers use our products with confidence in their critical applications around the world. Glen Magnetics’ products meet all applicable U.S. and international standards.

Glen Magnetics works with lean manufacturing customers on just-in-time delivery and Kanban pull systems; as your demand rises, we move your parts forward in production. Most of our just-in-time clients give us a window of “three-days-early” and “zero-days-late” that we meet for on-time performance records and inventory control.

Customers give us high marks across the board for quality, delivery and customer service. This chart provides technical details about Glen Magnetics’ products and manufacturing capabilities.

At every stage, our customers have ready access to us via phone, fax and email.

We produce prototypes in seven to 10 days, and following customer first article approval, we move projects quickly into production and ship as customer delivery requirements dictate.